About Us - BISSOMMER -Explore the charm on beach.

About us

BISSOMMER is a young and bold Bikini swimwear brand. We are no fear to use the newest fashion elements into swimwear, and provide stylish swimwear that make you outstanding and attractive.

We are dedicated in proving the best swimwear to customer. We have our own leading designers who are investigating the fashion and stylish swimwear for many years and have proving various type of stylish swimwear including Bikini, Tankini, One Piece. In the after day, our leading designers will still design stylish and vogue swimwear.

High quality fabric are used. High quality and high technical fabric are used in the swimwear to keep you comfortable as you enjoy the beach time.

BISSOMMER provide affordable bikini swimwear. Due to our deep cooperation with supply and carrier, we could offer the affordable price but high quality bikini swimwear to you. We believe women beauty should not be locked by money, every one could have chance to exhibit her beauty and charm.

Let women be the sunshine of beach, Let women be confident, not be fear to show our body. BISSOMMER Bikini explore women charm for you.